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Home Cleaning Specialists

ABN:- 24296790235

We can provide one of the most flexible cleaning services in FNQ;
all the while giving you back the time to enjoy your lifestyle.

By offering a service that is both flexible & convenient & local,
you can have the option of your home being cleaned every week,
once a fortnight or just when you need it the most.


When it comes to the general cleaning of your home we tailor
everything to your requirements, so the choice becomes yours.

You can have the option of us using standard household chemicals
or the choice of environmentally friendly products.

Ask about our chemical-free options today.



For your peace of mind, all of our professional cleaners are Insured
with Allianz- Public Liability Insurance.


Currently we are offering the additional service of Pet Care.
So are there any animals you can't take care of?
Simply, the answer is spiders! Our cleaning ladies have no fears.
We have no issues with any other exotic or normal animals.

Tinia has her reptile licence & has been around exotic animals
for over 15 years now. She also has handled & owned birds
plus she is also experienced in hand raising the above.
Our ladies currently own & have experience with Cats & Dogs,
Snakes & Lizards, Fish & Turtles; and Spiders!

We offer a Pet Care Service whereby we can visit your home up
to twice a day depending on your pet's own special needs.
We can walk, feed, play & clean enclosures or bird cages
as specified by you.